Enrollment Documents


*The following documents are required to be submitted upon enrolment (Both originals and photocopies):*

1) Acceptance Letter,

2) Original high school diploma (certified by apostille); along with notary or consular-approved translation,

3) Equivalency Certificate; showing that the high school diploma is equivalent to the diplomas obtained from Turkish high schools; to be issued by Türkiye Ministry of National Education or by Foreign Representatives. (If you did not obtain it yet, then the application/appointment notification),

4) Original transcript for all years of high school (certified by apostille); along with notary or consular-approved translation,

5) Passport; all pages showing identity information and validity period,

6) Residence Permit Document (application document if not obtained yet) (Always remember to keep your ID information updated in your registration file at Student Affairs during your study years),

7) Payment receipt,

8) 4 Portrait photos,

9) Language Proficiency Certificate (if any),

10) Proof of Identity Registration (Vukuatlı Nüfus Kayıt Örneği) from dual citizens who obtained Turkish citizenship NOT by birth,

11) Certificate of Renunciation of Citizenship from those who were Turkish citizens by birth but wilfully ceased to be Turkish nationals courtesy of the Ministry of Interior / Blue Card certificate from those who certify that they are the Blue Card Holder, which is given to those who have lost their Turkish citizenship upon their request,

12) Entry/Exit Document (from E-Government Gateway or General Directorate of Security) from Turkish citizens who completed the entire high school education abroad (except in TRNC) or in one of the Turkish schools recognized by the Ministry of Education,

13) A signed International Student Commitment Form; Attached to the Acceptance Letter.

Exemption Requirements for Language Prep School:

1. Citizenship in a country where the official language aligns with the department's language of study you're seeking admission to.

2. Possession of a high school diploma of 3 years at least from a high school within a country where the official language matches the department's language of study.

3. Achievement of a satisfactory score on an official language proficiency examination (e.g., TOEFL 72 for English).