Who can apply?

Eligibility to Apply as an International Student

The criteria outlined below are determined by the Council of Higher Education of Türkiye (YÖK).

(1) Applicants who are eligible to apply:

Students who are in their senior year at high school or who graduated from high school and who satisfy at least one of the below criteria may apply as international students:

  • Students with foreign nationality,
  • Foreign nationals who have obtained Turkish citizenship / dual citizens,
  • Turkish citizens who completed the entire high school education abroad (except in TRNC)/ in one of the Turkish schools abroad recognized by the Ministry of Education (Entry/Exit Document from E-Government is required),
  • Students who were Turkish citizens by birth but willfully ceased to be Turkish nationals by courtesy of the Ministry of Interior,
  • Students who were registered as minors on the document stating that his/her parents have ceased to be Turkish nationals as explained herein (applicant has to show documents certifying that he/she is still eligible to the enjoyment of the rights granted by Turkish Citizenship Law)
  • TRNC citizens who reside in TRNC and completed their high school education in TRNC and have taken the GCE AL exam / TRNC citizens who enrolled in high schools abroad (except in Türkiye and in TRNC) between 2005-2010 and have taken/will take the GCE AL exam

(2) Students who cannot apply as international students:

  • Turkish citizens who have completed their entire high school education in Türkiye or in TRNC,
  • TRNC citizens (except in cases explained above),
  • Dual nationality applicants whose first nationality is Turkish by birth (except cases explained above),
  • Applicants who hold dual nationality, one of which is TRNC (except in incases explained above),
  • Turkish citizens or dual-nationality students whose first nationality is Turkish by birth who studied in foreign schools in Türkiye or in schools within the context of embassies in Türkiye.
  • Those who have been dismissed from a higher education institution in Turkey due to a disciplinary offence.