Fees and Scholarship

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University is a non-profit foundation university. It is a type of university that is funded by charity and student fees. Conditionally accepted applicants are asked to pay a deposit to issue their official admission letter to come for enrolment. 

All our undergraduate programs' duration is 4 years. 

Rates of scholarships vary from 25% to 100%. Please choose one of the scholarship opportunities that you want to apply for. Your application will be evaluated according to your preference.

2023 - 2024 Academic Year Annual Tuition Fees for International Students

No scholarship $ 7000

25% Scholarship $ 5250

50% Scholarship $ 3500

100% Scholarship $ 0

The tuition fees and scholarships mentioned above are also valid for Language Preparatory School. 

Note that fees are VAT included, and they increase annually according to the inflation rate. 

These fees cover tuition for 1 academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) during the normal education period. Note that the scholarship is a tuition waiver; if you have a certain rate of scholarship, the university subsidizes your tuition cost. It does not cover any other expense. You should bear in mind the living and course equipment expenses before accepting the offer from IZU. 


USD Account

The name of the Bank: Kuveyt Türk Bank


IBAN Number: TR08 0020 5000 0083 3555 8001 01

Swift Code: KTEFTRIS

Please add "Name-Surname, Passport No, Undergraduate Tuition Fee" in the description.