Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees:

Doctorate: $8,000

(Clinical Psychology - PhD: $10,000)

Masters with Thesis: $4,000

(Clinical Psychology - Thesis: $9,000)

Non-Thesis Masters $3,000

(Clinical Psychology - Non-Thesis: $7,000)


  • Applicants wishing to enrol must pay the first instalment or full payment of tuition fees.
  • Students who are not Turkish citizens can pay tuition fees in two instalments – the first instalment when s/he first enrol in the program, and the second one at the beginning of the following semester before registering for the courses.
  • Students must pay tuition fees within the registration dates.  

USD Bank Account:

The name of the Bank: Kuveyt Türk Bank


IBAN Number: TR08 0020 5000 0083 3555 8001 01

Swift Code: KTEFTRIS

Please add "Name-Surname, Passport No, Graduate Tuition Fee" in the description


Click to download Scholarship Application of Doctorate Requirements and Evaluation Criteria         

Sibling / Spouse Discount

A discount of 10% is made on the tuition fee to be paid to each brother/sister and spouse, who are studying at the same level diploma programs at our university. This discount is valid as long as the students are studying at the same time.

To be able to reflect the fees of your sibling or spouse discount to the tuition fee, you need to submit a petition to the General Secretariat with documents, proving your relationship. Submission should be done during the registration and before making a payment. The petition should be given to Office Records and Correspondence. A copy of the passport must be attached to the petition for the sibling discount. However, the documents which indicate that they are married (marriage certificate etc.), must be added to the petition for the spouse discount.

Note: Applications submitted after the registration date will be taken into consideration starting from the next academic year.