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All international students at IZU are provided with scholarship. Rates of scholarships vary from 25% to 100%. Please choose one of the scholarship opportunities that you want to apply for. Your application will be evaluated according to your preference.

In case you would like to start your university life in spring 2018, we offer students the opportunity to start the language preparatory course. If you already have language proficiency you should apply for the 2018-2019 academic year.

For better chances of acquiring a scholarship you are recommended to:

  • Take IZU International Students Exam (ISE Exam Dates: January 7, 2018 - May 27, 2018 - August 26, 2018) 
  • Submit an internationally recognized exam score (SAT, IB, GCE etc.) especially in the case that you cannot take the ISE 
  • Submit a YOS score especially in the case that you cannot take the ISE 
  • Have high school gpa higher than 80% 
  • Letter of intent (minimum 1500 characters) 
  • At least B2 level language proficiency in the instruction language of the pragram that you apply 
  • At least 2 references 
  • Certificates of trainings, social activities, skills, accomplishments and so forth. 
  • Sample Academic writing 

Tuition fee for undergraduate programs for students who apply by June 2018 is 33,000₺ per year.

25% scholarship: 24,750 TL

50% scholarship: 16,500 TL

75% scholarship: 8250 TL

Tuition fee for the preparatory school for students who apply by June 2018 is 27,500₺ per year.

25% scholarship: 20,625 TL

50% scholarship: 13,750 TL

75% scholarship: 6,875 TL

Notice: Fees increase annually according to the inflation rate.

Academic Success Scholarship: This is a GPA based merit scholarship.

The top three successful students in their class are given scholarships as follows;

First place students will receive 100% scholarship, second place students will receive 75% scholarship and third place students are given a 50% academic success scholarship. Students retain the scholarship as long as they maintain a 3.0 GPA or more.

Full Payment Discount: An additional 5% discount is given to those who pay the entire annual tuition fee in advance.

Sibling Discount: In the case that there are more than one sibling enrolled at IZU, an additional 10% discount is deducted from the tuition fee for each sibling.