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İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University (IZU) is a non-profit foundation university located in İstanbul, Turkey. Currently, there are over 10,000 students enrolled at IZU. Fifteen per cent of IZU student body are international students (over 1,500) that come from 81 countries from around the world, as well as a similar percentage of its academic staff. IZU has a long and rich tradition of providing higher educational opportunities to communities throughout the world as well as to needy and disadvantaged students.

The goal of the Stars of the Ummah Scholarship Program (SUSP) is to offer educational opportunities to young students who would be nurtured to lead intellectual pursuit and scholarly advancement for the benefit of their communities and the “Ummah”. This program is specifically offered to students who are classified as refugees from Syria and Palestine. Istanbul Zaim University promotes its noble mission by offering bright young students the opportunity to become great seekers of knowledge and towards becoming young scholars, and therefore contributing to the advancement of the Ummah.

All recipients of this scholarship program shall follow an educational and scholarly research program supervised by the Center for Islam and Global Affairs (CIGA) at IZU, in addition to their regular undergraduate courses at their respective academic units. IZU and CIGA shall monitor and foster the students’ academic progress as well as their personal growth. Moreover, CIGA will help the scholarship recipients with their academic development through their rigorous programs by emphasizing the development of critical thinking skills, healthy academic environment, global citizen mind-set, as well as by assisting the young students in setting up meaningful life goals for themselves.

At Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University the Stars of the Ummah Scholarship Program (SUSP) shall offer BS and BA degrees in the following undergraduate programs:

• Political Science and International Relations (English)
• Psychology (English)
• Islamic Economics and Finance (English)
• International Trade and Finance (English)
• Food Engineering (English)
• Software Engineering (English/Turkish Combined)
• Architecture (Turkish)

Note: SUSP is a very competitive program.

Evaluation Criteria for accepting the Applicants in SUSP are:
• Academic Merit and Records
• Leadership Potential
• Syrian or Palestinian Refugee Status

Since SUSP is offered only to Syrian and Palestinian refugees; applicants are required to submit an official letter from a credible and approved agency (belonging to UN or Government) certifying the refugee status of the applicant as well as or an official statement for proof of financial need. All completed applications accompanied by the required supporting materials will be reviewed by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee to ensure that every applicant shall receive full consideration.

To successfully graduate from IZU under SUSP, students are expected to be proficient in two of the following three languages: Arabic, English, and Turkish. Admitted students would be required to take the English or Turkish Language Proficiency exam, and may require the recipient to attend language preparatory classes before they enroll in regular courses.

The SUSP scholarship shall include:
• University Tuition and Fees
• Summer School Tuition
• Accommodations (lodging and food)
• Monthly Stipend for 12 months

IZU has student dormitories separately for males and females on its Halkalı Campus. IZU facilities shall also include full-course meals. Scholarship students shall stay at IZU Student Dormitories and receive a monthly stipend for their personal expenses.

Note: SUSP Program shall commence when the financial support from major donors is secured.
Deadline for the application is January 31, 2019
Commencement of the studies is Fall Semester (September) 2019.

Apply now! Fall semester 2019/20
Application period has ended
Studies commence
18 Feb 2019
Apply now! Fall semester 2019/20
Application period has ended
Studies commence
18 Feb 2019