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Counselling from an Islamic Theoretical Orientation Certificate Program

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Programme Description

The five-day program introduces the philosophy and methodology of psychology and counseling from an Islamic perspective to mental health professionals and interested students. The course will present a theoretical understanding of mental health based on the Islamic paradigm as well as suggest practical ways of working with mentally distressed individuals. Those who successfully complete the program will be rewarded with a Certificate in Counseling from an Islamic Theoretical Orientation, presented by both IZU and the International Association of Islamic Psychology (IAIP).

The program will take place from Friday, 26 July to Tuesday, 30 July 2019. The course will be led by instructors Professor Malik Badri, Professor Rasjid Skinner, and Abdallah Rothman who will deliver the material in a combination of lecture, discussion, experiential learning, and some evening dialogue sessions. In addition to the sessions that will take place at IZU Campus.

Programme Objectives
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
● Distinguish culturally relative factors from universal factors in Western psychology.
● Identify and describe Islamic models of the self.
● Describe the therapeutic relationship from an Islamic perspective.
● Identify therapeutic aims and objectives of Islamic psychology/counseling.
● Identify a range of Islamic perspectives on mental health diagnosis.
● Describe Western approaches to therapy and their applicability to Muslims.
● Apply Islamic psychological principles in diagnosis and treatment using case studies.

The program includes:

  • 40 hours of lectures by:
    • Prof. Dr. Malik BADRI
    • Professor Rasjid SKINNER
    • Abdallah Rothman

  • Programme Completion Certificate


The fee includes the tuition and the Edirne field trip.
There are two options for payment either via credit card or via bank transfer.
Credit Card: $750
Bank Transfer: $800
Please be informed that most banks will charge transfer fees which would include a commission as well as the exchange rates. Therefore, we do not recommend this payment option.

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IBAN TR08 0020 5000 0083 3555 8001 01

Note: Please write your name and the program in the payment description.


Recommended hotel is Courtyard Marriot

Special daily rates for the program are:

  • ₺350 for a single room
  • ₺400 for a double room
    Prices include buffet breakfast.
    There will be shuttle buses from and to the university. (The university will not be able to assist you in case you decide to stay in another place.)

To book a room and benefit from the special price please write an email to the following address:

Please include the name of the university, the program and your name along with the dates you wish to stay at the hotel to your email.

For further information, you may visit the hotel’s website and call the number below,
+90 549 548 51 41

For more queries regarding the program contact islamicpsychologyconference@izu.edu.tr.

Programme structure

  • Day 1: The History and Philosophy of Western Psychology

Origins of Psychology as a Discipline
Western Influence on Psychology as a Secular ‘Science’
The Cultural Niche of Western Psychology

  • Day 2: Defining Islamic Psychology

Differentiating between Islamic and Western psychology
The Islamic Paradigm/Worldview
The Role of Qur’an and Sunnah in guiding Muslims
Classical Sources of Islamic Psychology
Types of Approaches to Islamic Psychology
Why Islamic Psychologies Now?

  • Day 3: Daily Trip to Edirne City

Location: Edirne
• Tour of Ottoman Health Museum
• Islamic Conceptions of Health & Healing
• Use of music therapy, architecture and aromatherapy in Ottoman mental health practices

  • Day 4: An Islamic Model of the Self

An Islamic Model of the Self
Key Constituents of the Model
Dynamics of the Model in Applied Psychology
An Islamic understanding of mental health and ill health
Diagnosis: Distinguishing between different states

  • Day 5: Diagnosis and Treatment

Therapeutic Principles
Therapeutic Issues
Role of the Therapist
The Toxic and the Useful in Western Therapies
Practical Clinical Applications of Islamic Approaches
Clinical Case Studies
Synthesis of Learning & Next Steps
Presentation of Certificates

Apply now! Islamic Psychology 2018/19
Application period has ended
Studies commence
26 Jul 2019
Apply now! Islamic Psychology 2018/19
Application period has ended
Studies commence
26 Jul 2019