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To get a higher chance of earning a scholarship at IZU, take the international student exam and reward yourself.

ISE is the exam that allows international students to apply to undergraduate programs and receive scholarships. It is the official exam made by Istanbul Zaim University and recognized by some other higher education institutions. Scholarship applications are disregarded if the applicant does not take ISE. Therefore we encourage our applicants to take ISE and take the chance of achieving scholarship. Top 20% of the applicant are taken into evaluation by the scholarship committee and have the chance of getting at least 75% scholarship. Top 5% of the applicants guarantee at least 75% scholarship.

ISE 2019 is going to be held on May 5 and August 4, 2019. Candidates are required to register online, pay the entrance fee and print the exam pass. Candidates without an exam pass paper will not be let inside the exam venue. ISE takes places on IZU Halkali Campus, Küçükçekmece, İstanbul.

Entrance Requirements
1- Registration
2- Entrance fee: 50 ₺
3- ISE Pass Paper printed out after registration and payment
4- Personel ID

Note: Please come to the exam venue 30 minutes before the exam starts.

General Information

All applicants are required to answer the questions in the core part.

General Learning Skills – 40 Questions
Basic Mathematics – 30 Questions
General Culture – 20 Questions

Total: 90 Questions
Exam Duration: 150 Minutes

Choose and answer one of the three tests in the elective part according to your preferred program.

Advanced Mathematics – 20 Questions
Islamic Studies – 20 Questions
History – 20 Questions

Exam Duration: 30 Minutes

*Multiple Choice Questions
*ISE is an English and Turkish

Exam Registration

Please click here to register.

Exam Entrance Pass

You have successfully registered for International Student Exam (ISE). You may confirm your exam registration and click here for access to your Exam Entrance Pass.

ISE Official Website:

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